About Us

Who we are

During the COVID-19 pandemic after discovering a mutual interest in amateur radio, the founding members banded together to create a club of mutual interest: where amateur radio meets medicine.

As experienced medical providers, the founders saw an opportunity to expand interest in amateur radio and apply it to the growing world of wilderness and emergency medicine. As avid outdoorsmen, the UDQRC frequently embarks on backpacking, climbing, boating, and other various trips where they practice radio operations. The future of the UDQRC lies in our mission statement:

"The UDQRC is dedicated to the furtherment of amateur radio and its intersection with emergency and remote medicine. The promotion of medical care, emergency preparedness, and radio training serve as founding principles towards fostering better radio practices."

We continue to look for ways to expand our mission as our membership seeks to challenge, inspire, and serve the communities by providing the services for which we have a fond passion. Thank you for your interest in the UDQRC and we hope to connect with you regarding shared interests!

Current Membership

Current Interests

  • K1PNK (President)

  • K3DNR (Vice-President)

  • KC3SCB (Comptroller)

  • KC1EFL (Sergeant At Arms)

  • K1MVC (Chief Magistrate Emeritus)*

  • KC3TWL (Viceroy)

  • KC3UGN (Bosun)

*President Pro Tempore


  • SSTV

  • POTA

  • YSF

  • DMR